Âme Studio is a bohemian and lifestyle platform run by Melody Tan who has successfully ran her fashion and travel blog, Missingavenue for over 10 years. Having recently been involved in the fashion industry and being prompted by the desolations of from the likes of factory building devastations and the exploitation of fashion, she was inspired to create a platform that is based on complete honesty and transparency. Âme means 'soul' in French and at Âme Studio we hope that everything we deliver comes from a genuine perspective. Having travelled the world from a young age, Melody's hope is that Âme can be a space to start a conversation and to make the world a much smaller place. The store is based on ethically sourced and manufactured souvenirs Melody has personally sourced from her extensive travels. We hope to be able to promote artisans from different parts of the world and tell their story and the story behind your Âme purchase. Âme is a platform that promotes provenance, sustainability and social equality and we hope that you enjoy joining us on this journey.