After almost a year long hiatus, I am happy to say that I am back. The last 10 years blogging and also running Missingavenue has given and taught me so much. It has been a privilege to be able to document and share my life with you guys. I stopped writing and sharing on Missingavenue when things in my personal life took a toll. I had worked hard and thought that my dreams to relocate to London were finally coming into fruition until last year in March of 2016 when I was denied entry into the United Kingdom and put onto a plane into Singapore. I saw my dream crush before me and it was the start of a rollercoaster that saw me sinking into bouts of depression. The one thing I have always believed in having a blog is honesty so this is as honest as I can get. Nobody died, I wasn’t fighting for my life but yet for a good 6 months I felt the emptiest I had ever felt and completely lost my sense of purpose. I did not know how to pick myself up.

One and a half years on, I am proud to be starting my new journey with Âme. Âme translates into ‘Soul’ from French and for the past couple of years, I’ve struggled with trying to create content with purpose. I didn’t want to bring just another fashion blog into the already saturated market and found myself at my best when I travelled and experienced cultures and traditions I never thought I could imagine. With Âme, I hope to be able to combine what I have already been doing but in a more stylised, purpose-focused manner. I hope to be able to dig deep and have everything I am passionate about on one single platform so hence this. 

You can expect articles on living, wellness and being. Travel of course and definitely bits and pieces of personal style. There will be food, new destinations, a lot of self-love and other amazing individuals who continually inspire me. Âme is a platform for you to feel right at home and to empower you to be your best self. 

I am always open to ideas and meeting new people and Âme aims to be not just any other platform but a community of individuals who believe in the same ideals. Let’s collaborate, have some wine, go dancing, hunt for the best vintage finds. I can’t wait to share this new journey with all of you. 

Thank you for the support the last 10 years, here is to a new beginning.